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4 oz Odor Eliminator

Destroys Odors Wherever They Hide! Includes 2 products with exclusive Odor-X® technology to remove odors at the molecular level. The Whole Car Blast safely reaches every inch of the car without leaving a residue. With an easy 1-time use, its automated fog destroys odors caused by smoke, pets, coffee, food, spills and more. Odors are permanently removed from every surface, underneath seats, inside air vents, and deep inside carpet fibers. The kit comes with a FREE travel spray that can be used to control the amount of fragrance or target problem areas. Odor-X® continues fighting odors for up to 30 days and will have your car smelling like new!
Dispensing TypeAerosol
BrandTurtle Wax
Part Number50653
Line CodeTUW
TerminologyOdor Eliminator
Size4 oz
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