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6 oz Fuel Additive

  • Gas treatment fuel conditioner improves the quality of gas. Prevents gum and varnish.
  • Regular use, summer and winter, maintains optimum engine efficiency and power.
  • Improves performance by helping fuel to be burned better and cleaner.
  • Use with gasoline, flex fuel & E10 E15 E85 Ethanol.
  • The bottle includes a patent pending nozzle and flow valve which allows it to be poured into all fuel tanks, including capless (no gas cap) systems.
  • Dosage: One bottle is concentrated to treat up to 20 gallons of gasoline.
Case Quantity12
Dispensing TypePour
BrandBars Leaks
Part Number4777
Line CodeCEM
TerminologyFuel Additive
Size6 oz
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